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Xcaret Attractions


At Xcaret you will find some small Maya archeological sites near a quiet jungle trail, a regional wildlife breeding farm, a coral reef aquarium, and a butterfly pavilion. There is also an inlet with clear waters for snorkeling, a lagoon for swimming and a beach for relaxing either in the sun or in the shade of the palapas . The night life at Xcaret includes live theatre.

The most unique feature of Xcaret is its underground river, which passes through caverns and underground channels. After touring around this beautifull eco park and practicing different water activities you can try Xcaret famous mexican food at the different restaurants around the park.


One of the most popular areas in Xcaret is its protected beach area. This is where many visitors enjoy a little sunbathing and dawn their bathing suits for a refreshing swim in calm water. Nearby are sea view restaurants and the popular swim-with-dolphins experience. Also available at the beach are sea excursions like snorkeling tours. Which are available for as low as $40 per day and are available at a myriad of of beach front shops.

 Sea Turtles

The beaches of Quintana Roo are an important nesting habitat for marine sea turtles, especially loggerhead turtles, green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles. At Xcaret you will have the opportunity to see these graceful swimmers up close, and learn about their nesting habits and ocean environment, and the challenges they face as they adapt and survive on planet earth.Visitors can expect tours by to observe the Sea Turtles by Catamaran for around $80 for a half a day at “Catamaran Tours” in Playa del Carmen beach.

Night Life

In the evenings “Xcaret Mexico Espectacular” has gained more accredidation from sponsors and critics. It’s a beautifull night show, where Mexico’s history, culture and dances fill your senses. Evening shows take place in Xcaret’s amphitheater, which has a seating capacity of 6,000. Shows range from Maya ceremonies to internationally famous entertainment acts. Among the most popular shows at Xcaret’s amphitheater are “The Warrior” and “Ancient Maya.” For a rule of thumb, usually the first half of the shows depict the history of the Mayan people and then show case regional dances the second half. A typical show on any given day of the week can range from $100 to $350. (most major Credit Cards are accepted everywhere in Cancun) More information is available at-

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