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Coba Ruins

What is Coba?

Coba, located about 92 miles southwest of Cancun, is a large Mayan ruined city that dates back to the Pre-Columbian era.  This city is said to to have existed between 600 – 900 A.D.  It  was a thriving cultural center where the population of Mayans was at least 50,000, some suspect up to as much as 100,000!  Coba means “waters stirred by the wind”  possbily because of it’s construction between two lakes.

The largest temple is over 138 ft tall and is the tallest in the Yucatan Peninsula!  It’s named NohochMul meaning ‘large hill‘.

Ancient Mayan Temple

Nohoch Mul Temple

Other sites to see at the Coba Mayan Ruins

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Watch a video on Coba

Tourist Information

To enter the ruins costs about $4 and if you bring your own video camera it will cost another $4.  Tour guides can be found by looking for their badges, and although most of them are very knowledgeable of the ruins some will tell you stories about how they’re aliens.  Don’t take their stories as final words.  Also, be prepared to walk.  This city was large and very spread out.  To have a good tour and see all of the sites you will walk about 3 – 4 miles and should take 4 – 5 hours.  To see this site you should plan in the whole day.

Map of the Site

Map of Coba Mayan Sites

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