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Beach Activities

Cancun is famous for their beaches. It is one of Cancun’s major attractions due to its powdery white sand, beautiful, blue, calm, warm waters, and shores that seem to go on forever.  Besides sulking in the sun, there are also many activities that can be done while at the beach, which helps contribute to their popularity. These activities include parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, submarine rides and much more. Check out the following information to assist in planning your trip to beautiful Cancun!

Horseback Riding

If you want a laid back activity than horseback riding might be the activity for you. Choose between riding in the jungle trails or along the beach, and enjoy the scenic view. Most tours have a duration of five to six hours, and snacks and lunch is provided. Horseback riding excursions ususally cost typically between $50-100 depending on the package you purchase. Click here for more details on prices and different locations. 


Enjoy floating and watching the colorful coral fields below the sea, with coral reefs  and the fascinating underwater life. Snorkeling is one of the easiest and relaxing activities in Cancun, if you can float face down in the water, you can snorkel.You can try venturing out on your own, or there are many packages that will include snorkeling tours along with other activities. Most of the guided tours run about $50 for a few hours. Renting snorkeling gear is relatively inexpensive, at $5 a day from most of the local shops, this is a great activity for the whole family. For more information about snorkeling click here.


Scuba Diving

Go deeper under the blue than snorkeling can enable.  Enjoy seeing tropical fish and other aquatic life, all the time floating weightlessly meters below the surface.  This is an opportunity to see a part of the world that many people only experience through television. There are many opportunities for those who are already scuba certified to go and explore not only the coral, but daving under caves as well. Scuba diving is a little more expensive than the guided snorkeling tours, ranging from $100-$150. For more details click here.


If being under the water doesn’t interest you, maybe being 600 feet above the ocean does. Parasailing gives you a scenic few of the beach from up in the sky with the wind brushing on you face as the boat below takes you for a ride. For this awesome experience, there is generally only a $50 charge.  This price is often negotiable, which means that a little bit of haggeling can get you an even better price on an experience of a lifetime. Click here for more information on parasaling.

Parasailing in Cancun







Atlantis Submarine

A real submarine dives 100 feet under the ocean. It gives a chance for the passengers to look at the Chankannaab reef. In this national park, there is a $2 entrance fee that is not included in the cost of the submarine ride. This is an attraction that is quite popular and one that sells out frequently.  The best idea is to make sure you’ve reserved your spot well in advance. This fun underwater world adventure last for 2 hours with 45 minutes of it being under the water. Without transportation to the dive site, the price is $89 for adults and $54 for children. For more information click here.


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